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Losing That Baby Belly Fat

Most mothers want to lose baby belly fat as quickly as possible. It's only natural to want to get back into good shape as soon as possible after having a baby. The hardest part about losing baby belly fat is probably finding the time to do the exercises while taking care of a newborn.

Once you get over the initial period of very little sleep and round-the-clock feedings, it's a little bit easier. But you can start any time that you're physically healed enough from the birth to begin exercising.

No matter what you do, start slow to give your body time to adjust. It's been through enough changes recently so take it easy on yourself in the beginning.

Aerobic exercise will increase your endurance, and help you burn fat everywhere including your baby belly fat. Start exercising aerobically at least three times a week. Four to five times a week is ideal, and if you can manage six or seven times a week then you'll see results even faster.

Good aerobic exercises for burning baby belly fat are very fast walking, or jogging or running if you're in good enough shape to do so. If you could run before you have the baby, start walking for the first few days at least and then try jogging or running again.

If you weren't a runner before, then start walking at a fairly leisurely pace until you see how it makes you feel. You might be able to take off in a very brisk pace right in the beginning. If so that's fine, but if not it's okay to start slow. Start slow and build up gradually and you'll avoid injury or burn out.

Walking burns fat best when you're breathing heavily but not so heavily that you can't hold a conversation. That holds true with any type of aerobic exercise. If you're gasping for breath and can't manage to talk to someone while you're doing it, you're probably working a little bit too hard.

You need to scale back a bit so that you can hold a conversation, but if you're not breathing heavily you're not working hard enough. Choose an aerobic exercise you enjoy so that you can do it several times a week. Swimming is a good exercise as long as you can sustain the pace long enough to keep your heart rate up for 20 minutes or more.

You also want to deal with exercises that target your baby belly fat area. Simple crunches work wonders for this area. As with anything else, start slow and build up gradually.

Other exercises like yoga and Pilates focus on your core muscles and can really help those baby muscles get back into shape. To lose your baby belly fat, do these exercises in addition to your fat burning aerobics.

Another important step in how to lose baby belly fat is to watch your diet carefully. Eat healthy foods and be sure that you're not taking in more calories than you burn off, and you'll lose fat and look great.



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